Choosing a Domain Name

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Clients always ask me how they should go about choosing their domain name.  When doing so, there are several factors to consider:

Name.  The most important factor is that your domain name and your company name should be similar,  if not the same.  This enhances your online marketing strategy.

.com or .ca suffixes?  While .com is the most popular on the Internet, .ca identifies your company as Canadian.  However, if both are available, it is a good idea to buy both names and redirect the .com to the main website URL.

Length.  The shorter the domain name, the better.  A shorter name is easier for a potential client to recall as well as guess when they are unsure of your company’s Internet address.

The cost of the domain names.  Professional domain name sitters who have a name you want means you will have to pay a higher price than expected.  However, for the purposes of branding, it may be worth the extra cost.

Most Important of All.  Domain names are one of your most valuable assets so ensure you safely guard them meaning you register them under your own name and keep the passwords top secret.


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  • Jay Flynn says:

    Dear admin,
    I could use your guidance.. if I am looking for a domain name that is pre-exisiting and on sale now.. how do I know how much to pay for it?

  • DTW says:

    Hi Jay,
    How much to pay for will depend on how much the seller is asking for and how much you are willing to pay for it. If the domain name is long existing and it shows up at the top with a search of your company name then it may be worth some money. However, if the domain name is not too short and easy to remember, you will need to check to see how many backlinks that domain may have and quality of those backlinks, also, consider the page rank of the domain. In many cases if the domain name is not too catchy, you may get it for under $100 to few hudreds, however, if it’s a catchy name with strong quality backlinks, you may have to pay a few grands to buy it.

    Hope this helps.

  • to domain name says:

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