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Top Web Design and Development Trends

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There are no oracles that can help us understand the future of tech industry and the corresponding changes in software and design. Instead, at ECA Technologies Inc, and, we track the latest trends and try to predict where they’ll head. These are our predictions of growing trends over the next 12 months on web design and development.
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tips on website building strategies

Some Tips on Website Building

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We at ECA Technologies have noticed over the past few years have seen a tremendous shift in website building process. More users have switched onto mobile platforms, along with newer browsers which support HTML5/CSS3 web standards. There are so many unique ideas flowing out of the design community – it seems like new thresholds are being replaced every few months!
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SEO Strategy Predictions in 2013

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Seeing what Google did to its search algorithms in 2012, sturdier and more aggressive actions and steps are expected from the search hulk in 2013 as well. And the likes of Google are expected to shadow the footsteps. Although, webmasters cannot overlook the fact that all these efforts are meant to revive the original intentions of the web viz. Presenting superiority and relevant information to its users. At the same time, the SEO companies and experts are left with no option, but to revise their SEO strategy. How should you do that for better SEO success in the New Year?
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Top 10 most Essential SEO tips

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Google is, by 10 football fields, the most common and popular  search engine in the world. It’s popular because it seems to rank pages so accurately and quickly, time and time again. The secret to its success is its top secret Page Rank Algorithm. Google developed its page ranking system in an effort to increase the quality of search results and has left all of its competitors for dead. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) companies like ECA Te chnologies Inc / are always looking to find new ways to increase their clients Google rankings. As we all know, a website is a pretty nifty thing to have for a myriad of different reasons. But the truth is that its worth is derived from the people that surf it, and if no one is surfing it, then it becomes useless. So who’s the biggest website referrer? The answer is Google in almost every case.
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Corporate Father

A Corporate Father’s Blog…

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This particular blog may not be for everyone, my usual blogs are informative small tutorials or success tips on SEO, web design/development  and internet marketing. I write to pass on hints and methods for achievement in this always evolving technological world we live in.  This specific blog will piece together the other important components for true success and happiness in our corporate always busy life.
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5 crucial things for ecommerce

5 Crucial Tips for Ecommerce Web Design

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In today’s world of competitive online marketing, we at ECA Technologies express the simple purpose of an e-commerce website is to make businesses sell products and services  online. Its development and designing is also unlike from the traditional websites. Here, more than keeping an eye on aesthetic features like color schemes and flash, you are required to give importance to usability of the website. It is imperative to give users a seamless enjoyable shopping experience on your website.  SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is also a very important influence in Ecommerce web design.
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Growing Importance of Web Design

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In today’s professional world of 2012 having a website is a must for every business small or large.  In today’s steadfast paced life everyone wants everything on their fingertips and immediately. Hundreds even thousands of businesses market and sell different products online at different rates. Web design plays a crucial role in such circumstances. Web designing is an art that appeals the users with texts and graphics. A website represents a business among its customers. Using the web design for promotions and sales is a essential in today’s ever changing world.

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Keeping Fit while you are at Work

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* If you’re fortunate and have decided to work in an industry or profession where you are physically active you can probably afford to skip this particular blog. *

However, if your like me and countless other people out there where you find yourself sitting behind a desk for your working week, then this blog is exactly what you’re looking for.With more people everyday taking occupation positions such as sales, administrative and managerial roles, where the most of their time is spent sitting behind a desk, their ability to keeping fit as well as mentally stimulated is relentlessly contested. If you’re one of these people fear not because help is at hand. Your capability to keep active and fit really depends on the boundaries of your creativity. Consider this, every item within your office has the potential to be applied within your workout, you’ve just got to uncover how best to use them.

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Crucial 10 SEO Tips for a Better Google Ranking

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Crucial 10 SEO Tips for a Better Google RankingAlthough there are several search engines available on the internet we all know that Google is the one that MATTERS when it comes to rankings and driving traffic. This means that if you want your website to be successful and a great introduction to the Company, services and products you provide. You need to aim your SEO campaign at Google, but how exactly can you do this if you thrash about to understand the complexities of the important subject?

1. Create Content That Isn’t Time Sensitive

Implementing good quality content on your website that won’t go obsolete in a few weeks or months is an easy way to boost search engine optimization. By making the content you use useful now and in the future you won’t need to remove it and replace it over and over again – you can simply add to it on a regular basis. A website with very poor content or very little content is an SEO no-no if you want good search engine rankings so get your typing head on and create some content that people will be glad to read now and in 10 years’ time.

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