So you want a Social Networking Site?

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do you want a social networking site?

So you want a social networking site such as facebook but you do not have a budget like facebook? No problem we can build you a cost-effective solution. Now, what does the word “cost-effective” mean? It means lower cost but does not mean $2. Trust me.. the computer programmers like myself spent a lot of sleepless nights studying. They spent a lot of money going to school and buying expensive books and gadgets, they went on working many years to gain experience; they do not want to work for 25 cents per hour 😉 Now, you say “but the other guy said he could build me a social networking site for $250”. Well, you know maybe the other guy does not understand english and thought you meant you wanted him to socialize or party with him. Now, if you want to dive into the e-commerce game but do not think you have to spend any money, you are wasting everybody’s time. If you are serious about making money on the web, you will need to make investements in your business because it is, after all, a real business. Allocate a budget for your website then ask us to see what features we could provide you with within your budget.

Ok now, in a nutshell, lets see an overview of what we could do for you with a social networking site (out of 100 features):

Monetize With Social Networking Site

Making money with a social network is not hard and we make sure you have the right tools to get things started from ad campaigns, user based ads, membership plans, sponsored items and ability to sell marketplace listings.

PHP Framework

We develop our social products in PHP framework specifically for the needs of powering all the modules we include and avoiding server software licensing cost by using LAMP technologies.

SEO Friendly

When viewing an item like a blog or photo it requires an unique page name that serach engines can read and we use SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) practices to keep content on top of search engine results giving your community a lot more hits.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect has proven to be one of the must useful tools to introduce a social network and keep users in touch with your site while they are on Facebook as well as easily log into your community without having them register.


Once your community grows and you need to start using several servers to power it, don’t worry; we got you covered. We include the ability to store items uploaded to your servers on Amazon S3 servers for guaranteed availability as well as use Memcached technology to cache data in memory instead of on your server. In addition to all that we also include support for MySQL Database Replication, which allows you spread your database across several servers for an optimized and load balanced environment.

Yes, sure we could also use Joomla and its components to build you a social network, but for little more cost than Joomla development, we could build you the network that could give you the power of real robust networks such as facebook. Social network is a popular money-making tool today, lets take advantage of it!


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  • Ray Ray says:

    If you are only looking to promote your business site you can bookmark your site on other social networks. If you want to own a social network, it would be mainly for branding purposes. Everytime user visit your site, they get reminded of you. Your brand also gets introduced to their friends and it spirals. You can run your own ads on the website that users can check out. Also, if you can promote the social site well, you can sell ad spots to other businesses to earn added revenues. Not to mention your employees could use the site to network with each other etc. These are the few advantages I could think of from the top of my head :) I am very sure there are many more or businesses wouldn’t start getting their own social networks.

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