Google is the No. 1 Fan of Google Products

Posted by | September 16, 2010 | Internet Marketing, SEO | 2 Comments

Just a short message to those who wants to get a free traffic from Google

“Google has always been the no. 1 fan of Google”

If you want to optimize your site for Google and get a free traffic from them, use all of its services. For video hosting, use YouTube, Picassa for images, Blogger for Blogs and more Google products. Just a tip I got from attending various seminars discussing optimization for Google Search Engine. Hopefully this could be something useful for you as well.

Google may be a synonym for search, but it’s not restricted to that feature alone. If you are not a tech-savvy person then chances are that you are unaware about majority of Google’s products and services. Anyway, how many Google products and services do you use? The common answers will be Gmail, Google+, Drive, Docs, or an Image Search. But Google is well beyond that.

For a SEO company, the BIG idea is to have an alternate route to first page visibility. We are not saying we should drop everything and spend all our time editing and re-editing our product feed but every worthy SEO company will approach ranking challenges from different angles, and Google Products provides that angle. If your keyword research shows product feeds are triggered, why not allocate a bit of time to creating XML feeds?

Google Products optimization, is a grey area

Unlike other elements of SEO, optimization for Google Products is apparently not a hugely discussed about subject. I appreciate that when talking about Google and algorithms, the word ‘speculation’ cannot be used enough. Therefor I must add; the suggestions I make are solely due to me having had success from these techniques and are importantly based on real clients, real experiences and real XML feeds not based on hunches and “overheard” experiences.

I’d say use as many Google products as well to aid your SEO campaigns.